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Software Engineer (Back-end)

We’re seeking a Product Designer to join our IT team, tackling design challenges from start to finish. This includes collaborating with stakeholders, brainstorming solutions, prototyping ideas, and crafting the visual elements of our marketing campaigns. Your role will be integral to the IT Team at GWO SEVO, with ongoing employment contingent on the success of this initiative.

Key Responsibilities

  • In this job, you will supervise the following activities;
    • Design, develop, test, and deploy efficient, secured and scalable back-end systems
    • Collaborate with the front-end development team to integrate APIs
  • Your success and performance as a back-end engineer will be evaluated by your effectiveness at:
    • Timely and accurate delivery of back-end solutions.
    • Proactive monitor system performance, identify and resolve of system issues promptly.
    • Integration of security measures and adherence to data protection protocols.
    • Communicate effectively with team members and cross-functional teams, providing updates and addressing queries.
  • In this role, you will work with:
    • Project Managers to understand project requirements.
    • Front-end engineers for seamless API integration.
    • Quality Assurance Team for continuous improvement of platforms.
  • You will be supported with:
    • State-of-the-art working environment.
    • Additional weekly allowances for lunch.
    • Access to satellite offices littered across the country.
    • Work-from-home privileges.
    • Health insurance with options to add immediate family members.


Must have

  • Working knowledge of .NET Core (C# as primary language)
  • Working knowledge of Visual Studio or Rider IDEs
  • Knowledge of CI/CD
  • Working knowledge of building REST APIs
  • Working knowledge of RDMS (Postgres or related), NoSQL (ElasticSearch or related) with associated ORMs
  • Working knowledge of Caching Systems (Redis), Messaging Queues (Kafka) and The Actor Model
  • Unit testing

Good to have

  • Working knowledge of Actor Systems (AKKA.NET)
  • Experience with agile development
  • Understanding of SOAP APIs

Candidate Requirements

  • Ability to discuss and explain design options
  • A solid foundation in typography, layout and design
  • Experience with transitions, animation, motion design and dynamic interaction
  • Excellent visual, written and verbal communication skills, along with presentation and negotiation skills
  • The ability to effectively take direction and work both collaboratively and autonomously
  • Knowledge of photography art and lighting
  • Team spirit; strong communication skills to collaborate with team members and stakeholders
  • Must have a personal laptop





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