Nestle IDEAL Trip to Dubai Promo 2023


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The objectives of the Nestle IDEAL Trip to Dubai Promo 2023 were to: 

  • Increase brand awareness and engagement
  • Drive an increase in weight of purchases and consumption
  • Recruit new and lapsed consumers
  • Regain market share

Our Solutions

TXT Connect provided the following solutions for the Nestle IDEAL Trip to Dubai Promo 2023: 


  • Developed a USSD application for the promotion
  • Developed an online dashboard and analytics arm for monitoring all engagement on the USSD in real-time
  • Developed the randomization engine for the weekly and grand draws
  • Contacted weekly winners and grand draw winners for verification and processing
  • Automated the disbursal of MoMo to weekly draw winners
  • Kept the NLA informed on weekly entries and winnings throughout the promotion period


The Nestle IDEAL Trip to Dubai Promo 2023 was a resounding success. The campaign achieved the following results: 


  • The IDEAL trip to Dubai promo received the highest entries ever recorded as far as campaigns administered via USSD are concerned.
  • USSD application, dashboard, and draw interfaces were very well developed and functioned as they should.
  • Representatives from the NLA were always present for all weekly and grand draws.
  • Nestle officials were also present in their numbers on weekly draw days and on the grand draw day.
  • All entries and winners during the promotion were verified and approved before disbursement.
  • This promotion had the highest MoMo reward redemptions of about 95% successful rate.
  • Almost all complaints were resolved and handled professionally.
  • Some winners shared testimonials, thanking Nestle IDEAL for rewarding them and telling other consumers and potential consumers are real the promotion was.

Results In numbers

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Response Rate


The Nestle IDEAL Trip to Dubai Promo 2023 is a testament to the power of TXT Connect’s bulk messaging solutions. TXT Connect’s solutions helped Nestle IDEAL achieve its objectives and create a successful marketing campaign. 

I hope this case study is helpful. Please let me know if you have any other questions. 


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Nestle IDEAL Trip to Dubai Promo 2023 was a marketing campaign designed...

Nestle IDEAL Trip to Dubai Promo 2023 was a marketing campaign designed...

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